Meals on Wheels (Urban Jacksonville, Inc.) – Jacksonville, FL

The holiday season is a time when most of us share the love with our family and friends.    Meals On Wheels shares the love with our local seniors who would otherwise be all alone and hungry during the holidays.  It’s only fitting that we are partnering with our friends at Subaru for the third year in a row for their “Share the Love” Event to raise funds to support Meals On Wheels.  This is just one story of how we share the love here in our community.  Meals on Wheels is easily one of the most effective and universally beloved programs around.  Wherever it rolls, folks know what it does and who it serves. Here in Jacksonville, the program continues to grow and feed thousands of critically frail and disabled elders each year. We are honored to make it happen because of what it means to so many people. Our MOW Share The Love story is not about a client per se, but about one the “ground troops” who make it work, one whose investment in MOW has taught her that there is unlimited value in giving.

One of our very first drivers, Barbara Glover, a vibrant 77 years of age, is retiring after 33 years as a Meals on Wheels leader and champion.

She has seen it all.

“I remember when we were excited to serve 20 meals a day, Ms. Glover recalls. Back then we drove an old flatbed truck and placed the meals in a tiny oven in the back. You had 2 people, one to drive and one to hold the food in their lap.

Eventually we added a generator…you couldn’t run the air conditioning and the oven at the same time, we would conk out. We made it work because we knew there were hungry people out there. But it wasn’t easy”.

33 years later, she still feels the same.

“You might start the day feeling sorry for yourself, but you won’t go home feeling that way. The people I served became like family to me. They knew I would be there and I wanted to make sure they felt important.  I knew that was doing something that would make a real difference. And it did.

To me.

It has and always will be one of the most important things I have ever done”.

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