Meals & Wheels (Central Texas Senior Ministry) – Waco, TX

The holiday season is a time when most of us share the love with our family and friends.    Meals On Wheels shares the love with our local seniors who would otherwise be all alone and hungry during the holidays.  It’s only fitting that we are partnering with our friends at Subaru for the third year in a row for their “Share the Love” Event to raise funds to support Meals On Wheels.  This is just one story of how we share the love here in our community.

Ninety-seven year-old Rosa said, “I would like for people to know what happened back yonder and how I came through it.”  MOW volunteer, Roberta, heard the desire of Rosa to be remembered; she sat and listened to her story.   We never had three meals a day.  I remember going to school never having had breakfast; and then at noon, it was lunchtime.  Students who came from the country always had good food to eat for lunch.  My sister, Ivy and I, went home for lunch but there was never had any food to eat; so, we’d go back to school with empty stomachs.  The only food we ate was brought home as leftovers ‘thank-you meals’ from Momma’s work as a cook for the sheriff; but she always taught us to say ‘thank you’. Roberta wrote Rosa’s story.  She collected pictures of places she lived, historical events that happened during Rosa’s life-time, and placed all these into a Memory Book.  Rosa shared it with her family and with her church. With all the Meals On Wheels volunteers who brought meals to her door, she shared the book of her life and always said “thank you” for her meals.

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